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Ticino Food And Drink Experience

Unique food activities in breathtaking locations around Ticino

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We are delighted to present you our new Gastro Shop with its first two products!

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The largest assortment of cheese and dairy products in Ticino

Azienda Agricola Bianchi

Family business founded in 1998. All our products are Bio Suisse certified.

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We put together the best Swiss Food Bloggers in one place

Zopf bread (Zopf)

Zopf (which literally means braid) is probably the most famous Swiss bread. Unlike most other Swiss breads it contains milk and butter, which gives it a

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Swiss salatteller

Served as a main course (and often listed as Gemischter Salat on the menu), or a side to a Fitnessteller (basically the Swiss equivalent of

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