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Category: Recipes

Ticino Rustico: Embrace of Flavor!

Dear foodies of, today we will delight you with an explosion of flavors in a single bite: the Ticino

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Ticino Polenta: Warm Heart and Happy Tummy!

Dear lovers of good Ticino cuisine, today we will unveil a culinary treasure from our region: Ticino Polenta! This delicious

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Zopf bread (Zopf)

Zopf (which literally means braid) is probably the most famous Swiss bread. Unlike most other Swiss breads it contains milk and

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Swiss salatteller

Served as a main course (and often listed as Gemischter Salat on the menu), or a side to a Fitnessteller

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Tiroler Cake

Tiroler Cake is extremely moist, fudgy, very delicious and is the perfect small batch recipe. This simple chocolate hazelnut loaf

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Best Swiss Carrot Cake

Very moist, a little bit boozy and bursting with carrots and a great blend of spices: I am not joking

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