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Who we are

This initiative was created and conceived by Ricard Ustrell and Riccardo Sabbioni,who represent the creators of the project.

The passion for our territory, the friendship between the two colleagues, the tourist and local product knowledge up to the desire to propose an innovative concept suitable for lovers of gastronomy, were the necessary synergies for this project. The idea was born in the summer of 2020 where the pandemic and the time available allowed to fully dedicate itself in the first phase of the design.

Step by step, between cognitive visits with producers, the start of positive collaborations and the design of the web portal, continued to develop and grow until May 2021 ready to be launched.

At this time we want to help highlight the local potential by promoting and acting as a link between Gastroturismo and local agents who offer their gastronomic experiences.

A fundamental element in common is the strong desire to transmit Ticino’s potential and to enhance what is produced in our canton, transmitting passion, originality, and exclusivity.

Ricard Ustrell

  • Passionate about corporate communication with a focus on digital marketing and graphic design.

  • Experience in coordinating events with strong entrepreneurial skills.

  • Flexible, empathetic, practical, creative, sociable, positive and decisive.
Riccardo Sabbioni
  • Specialized in Tourism and passionate about marketing, public relations, and the world of catering.

  • Fresh from studies and a job in the field of event planning and management.

  • A past dedicated to the sport of swimming, where values such as determination and willpower were founded.

  • Empathetic, sensitive, sociable, positive, stubborn, punctual and willing.