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Flour from the Onsernone Valley

Vergeletto, Ticino


Experience the richness of flour and the world behind its production! The booking consists of a guided tour of the place where this product is produced, including historical notes on the Onsernone Valley and its mills, and a tasting of the food with its producer. The activity will end with an aperitif based on local products. A gift from the house will also be offered!

The farina bóna is a traditional product of the Onsernone Valley (Canton Ticino). It is a maize flour (Zea mais), obtained by grinding the previously roasted grain very finely. In the past, it was used to supplement the daily diet of the Onsernonesi, accompanied by milk, water or wine. The commitment of a few private individuals and the involvement of the Vallerone school have made it possible to deepen historical knowledge, create the conditions for an increase in production and make farina bóna known beyond the borders of the Onsernone Valley.

About the experience:

  • Available on reservation.
  • Guided tour, history of the valley and the mills.
  • Flour tasting and aperitif with local products.
  • Farinabona “give away” at the end of the experience.
  • Minimum reservation: 6 people.
  • Reserve your experience in the Onsernone Valley!



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