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Food, Soft drink CHF15.00 - CHF25.00

Milking on the farm for the little ones

S.Antonino, Ticino

La Colombera

This is a special, tailor-made, unique experience. Reservations can only be made by e-mail on

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La Colombera began its history with the Tognetti family from the late 1980s. Already of peasant origin, Angela and Mario reunite the small paternal farms moving to the heart of Magadino’s Plan. The interest in biodiversity was born immediately and therefore, pioneers of organic in Ticino, they deal not only with animals and fields, but also with biotopes, hedges and groves, creating a harmonious ecosystem. At Colombera you can find cows, goats and dairy sheep, but there are also pigs, chickens, donkeys and horses… During the summer part of the animals makes the transhumance up to the Alpe Monda (Carasso), where there is a small dairy and farmhouse, as well as beautiful walks to do. The small shop on the farm offers many products of its own transformation: dairy products, meats and cereals, but also ice cream and gastronomy. The offer is then completed with organic or local products. Last but not least, there is the possibility of buying wine from organic grapes (and without the use of copper!). The new Tognetti generation has in fact decided to launch itself into the cultivation of interspecific vines suitable for organic cultivation and more… the farm has embarked on the path of conversion from organic to biodynamic-demeter.


Children must show up with dirty clothes and boots/ankle boots suitable to enter the stable. The animals will be foraged together and then milking will be carried out all together. Children will be able to experience the care and care of animals, caressing and brushing them. Then to end on a high note, a yogurt from the farm will be eaten!

About the experience:

  • Age: approx. 5-10 years .
  • Minimum 2 children maximum 6.
  • Hours: 15:00-17:00.
  • Day of the week: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Seasonality: from February to May.
  • Weather: in any weather.
  • Cost: 25.- CHF.
  • Offer for family with 3 or + children: 15.- CHF from the 3rd child.
  • If the parents want to be present, maybe for the snack in the company: 5.- for the consumption.
  • Make your reservation, we are waiting for you!


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